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annuel inspections

Annuel inspections
The Catex is a «machine» for triggering avalanches. The manufacturer offers an annual inspection contract to operators from the moment it is put into service. The warranty inspection is free after a full winter season of operation. Subsequently, inspections are charged according to the maintenance contract agreed upon with the customer. A Catex is built to last for decades; the oldest CATEXMONTAZ systems are over 30 years old and still function perfectly. No Catex can operate with “approximations”; it must be in perfect working order, just like new. Therefore, maintenance is fundamental.

Major Inspections
The manufacturer specifies the dates for major inspections in the operating manual. More
intrusive operations are performed to maintain ideal functionality.

mechanical structures

réglage de poulie

Pulley adjustment

contrôle du câble par radiographie
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contrôle et réglages

Controls and settings

Lecture du contrôle de câble

Cable control reading

electronics and accessories

Verification of grips

Contrôle des TDR

Verfication of radio controlled triggers

Contrôle des descendeurs radiocommandés
Contrôle des armoires de pilotage

Verification of electronics