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CATEX MONTAZ triggers avalanches worldwide to secure ski slopes, mountain roads, and other sites sensitive to avalanches. Since 1987, continuing the Montaz family tradition, Montaz Equipement constructs ready-to-use cable transport systems integrating the latest technologies for efficiency and global recognition in the mountain industry.





The catex

A CATEX (Explosive Transport Cable) is a cable transport system installed on concrete foundations to support the pylons and cables. The system is controlled by pyrotechnicians from the drive station.

It is composed of:

  • A loop of cable drawing a route that traverses different avalanche zones. This cable can move in both directions.
  • Pylons and line equipment that support and guide the cable.
    A drive station that allows the cable to move the explosive charges toward their blasting point, along with an automaton for positioning the charges according to the pyrotechnicians’ choice.
  • This system allows explosive charges to be transported freely and in all weather conditions above avalanche zones. The explosion causes a shock wave, which triggers the weak layer in the snow, starting an avalanche.

Mise en place automatisée des tirs

Éxécution du tir direct radiocommandé

Éxécution du tir au descendeur automatique et retour automatisé des accessoires

The CATEX Range

The amplitude of the site to be triggered determines the type of CATEX to be
installed. From the pylons to the pulleys, and all the structures on the CATEX route
are standard elements and adaptable to straight lines and turns. In fact, the CATEX cable carries the explosives above the selected avalanche zones to be triggered.
It, therefore, operates in a circuit loop. The height of the pylons is adapted to the relief of the site after a precise topographical study. The length of the CATEX cable can range from several hundred meters to kilometers. The drive stations’ power is adaptable, and therefore, different structures can be found in the CATEX range.

manuel catex

MCP model

MF model

MH model

tirolex model