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descender and tdr


dg 70

REF. 0828

The DG70 is a fully mechanical descender, with the charge descending by gravity. The
bobbin-carrying plate is slowed down during descent by a system of weather-resistant stops.
An artificer can choose a firing coil from their stock and install it on the plate. The
pyrotechnician can prepare several bobbins in advance, each with cord lengths predefined
for previously determined firing heights. For example, they can use a knotted cord (for
counting) beneath the descender during the summer.

The DG70 is equipped with a slow fuse holder, with each turn equivalent to a length of 0.90 meters to simplify calculations. It is possible to wind up to 8 turns of slow fuse around the descender’s hull, which is slightly over 7 meters of slow fuse. The choice is yours.

Attention: This descender does not bring the charge back up in case of a misfire. A
procedure should be planned in the PIDA for handling a misfire without risking the safety of the pyrotechnicians during access. It is possible to return to the Catex as long as the charge is in the air and at a very low speed in case of dragging on the snow.

Automatic Descender

REF. 1124

The automatic descender (AD) allows for positioning the explosive charge at the
desired height above the snow. The motor lowers the charge, and when it touches the snow, provided that the snowpack is over 10 meters from the descender, the charge ascends to a predetermined value as set by the pyrotechnician. It’s possible to position multiple ADs above the planned blasting points.
The remote control enables the initiation of shots and also indicates whether the
charge has detonated. The communication between the descender and the remote control
is secure. The electric motor raises the cord after the shot.

The AD is CE certified and complies with the requirements of the Catex Afnor standard.

Bobine + cordelette

DG 70 Reels and Cord

REF. 0702

REF. 0706

The descender reels are machined from solid PU blocks without welding or gluing to
prevent breakage. They are cold-resistant and can store up to 50 meters of cord. The cord is
specially made with hydrophobic fiber to ensure optimal unwinding and winding. When used
for direct firing to attach loads under the suspension, it handles knots well, and its orange
color makes it more visible. The cord can also be used to connect the loads to the suspensions.

The TDR (Remote blasting System)

REF. 1129

The TDR case (remote-controlled direct blasting) is used for the preventive triggering of
avalanches. It allows for remotely igniting a slow-burning fuse that is only one meter long
and provides information to the remote control to determine if the charge has detonated.
The charge is initiated by radio at the last moment, thus enhancing the safety of the
pyrotechnicians (no slow-burning fuse ignition at the start of the Catex) and eliminating any
potential surprises for lookouts before the blasting. The TDR is resistant to shocks and

The TDR complies with Afnor Catex standards and is CE certified. Its ease of use enables
quick firings and ensures a nearly 100% success rate. It is possible to deploy from 1 to 20 TDRs on the Catex and control the blastings using the remote control


Radio Remote Control

REF. 1267

The remote control allows you to control up to 20 remotely controlled firing accessories and is a standard feature for Montaz TDR and DA 2015 firing accessories.
The remote control complies with all safety standards, featuring a powerful radio
transmitter that ensures information transmission over very long distances. Radio waves are encrypted to prevent interference with other radio equipment.
The user-friendly interface makes it easy to execute firing sequences with confidence.
The remote control is CE certified and complies with Afnor Catex standards.

Tube guide charge pour la DA 2015 et 2001

Guide-Charge Tube for DA 2015 and 2001

REF. 1001

The guide-charge tube protects the pyrotechnic chain throughout its transport.

Bâche de protection tempe pour descendeur

Protective Cover for a Descender

REF. 1148

The protective cover is quickly installed and effectively shields automatic descenders
from harsh weather conditions. PIDA operations are often conducted in challenging weather conditions, and snowfall can enter the crevices of the descender and dampen the housing.


Rotating Beacon

REF. 1310

A warning rotating beacon indicates to Catex operators the start of the automatic deicing cycle. It activates a few seconds before the actual cable rotation begins, allowing
anyone on the Catex bridge to move away from moving parts and the cable before it starts
(installation by our electrician).