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mf model

The “Montaz Fixed” power station is equipped with a station structure in which the motor chassis is fixed to the pylon. It is used for shorter devices with cables not exceeding 1000 meters. Tension adjustment, in this case, is not performed automatically but is done
mechanically. All other aspects of CATEX operation remain the same as with other devices.
The power ratings follow a similar pattern but are generally lower due to the shorter cable lengths employed, such as MF 4 for 4 KW, MF 5.5 for 5.5 KW, and so on. This very simple and robust power station allows for very reliable operation with minimal maintenance.

Motrice tension fixe type MF

Fixed tension drive station type MF.

Gare motrice catex de la Pointe des Fours aux Arcs France

CATEX Pointe-des-fours Drive station in Les Arcs.