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CatexMontaz training

Training is provided to operators of a new Catex. All maneuvers are explained on-site after the installation. A manual is provided to the operators who receive a certificate of proficiency.
MONTAZ training institute sells refresher courses to Catex operators upon their request and to any new Catex operator.

Formation au pilotage sur écran tactile - Hospitalet

Training in touchscreen operation –
Catex Hospitalet near Andorra

Programmation du descendeur radiocommandé - Isola 2000

Programming of the radio-controlled trigger – Isola 2000

Formation au TDR - Chatel

Training in TDR (tir direct radiocommandé or radio-controlled direct firing) – Châtel

Utilisation de la radiocommande pour TDR et descendeur - Chatel

Using the remote control for TDR and descender – Châtel

Formation des jeunes pisteurs - Val d'Isère

Training for setting up the grips – Val d’Isère

Programmation des tirs sur l'écran tactile - Les 2 Alpes

Programming shots on the touchscreen – Les 2 Alpes