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mh model

The MH station, “Montaz Hydraulic,” indicates that the tensioning system uses a hydraulic cylinder. The power station with the tensioning system is on a vertical pylon. The motor chassis slides on vertical rails according to the cable tension delivered by the electrohydraulic cylinder. It’s a very compact system, providing ample space for operators to attach charges. All controls are located in the room adjacent to the power station. The motor reducer provides power ranging from 3 to 20 kW and moves the cable back and forth at speeds from 0 to 4 m/s.
Catex des Chapelets Courchevel 1650

The Chapelets CATEX in Courchevel 1650.

Catex des Chapelets Courchevel

The Chapelets CATEX in Courchevel.

Gares Rachas N et S les 2 Alpes

Drive Station Rachas N and S in Les Deux Alpes.

Catex de Boussolenc Les Orres

The Boussolenc in Les Orres.

Catex Les Orres

The Aussois CATEX.