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Accueil I Explosive Transport cable

Explosive Transport Cable

Schéma des tirs Catex Montaz aux 2 Alpes

250 Catex Montaz shots in Les 2 Alpes for the protection of ski slopes.

Schéma des 70 tirs Catex Montaz pour la protection de la route d'accès à Isola 2000

70 Catex Montaz shots for the protection of the access road to Isola 2000.

A CATEX (Explosive Transport Cable) is a cable transport system installed on concrete foundations to support the pylons and cables. The system is controlled by
pyrotechnicians from the drive station.

It is composed of:

A loop of cable drawing a route that traverses different avalanche zones. This cable can move in both directions.
Pylons and line equipment that support and guide the cable.
A drive station that allows the cable to move the explosive charges toward their blasting point, along with an automaton for positioning the charges according to the pyrotechnicians’ choice.

How does it work?

50 Catex Montaz shooting points protect the Sainte-Foy ski resort.

How does it work?

70 Catex Montaz shooting points protect the access road to the Isola 2000 ski resort.