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Adhésif numéros de pylône

Pylon Numbering Stickers

REF. 1228

Numbering stickers allow for quick identification of the various pylons along the
Catex line. They provide strong adhesion and withstand harsh conditions.


Rotating Beacon

REF. 1310

A warning rotating beacon indicates to Catex operators the start of the automatic deicing cycle. It activates a few seconds before the actual cable rotation begins, allowing
anyone on the Catex bridge to move away from moving parts and the cable before it starts (installation by our electrician).

Porte-pince intérieur

porte-pince intérieur

RÉF. 1053

Le porte-pinces intérieur permet d’accrocher jusqu’à cinq pinces. sa conception compacte et peu encombrante facilite son intégration et sa mise en place dans les gares des appareils déjà existants. Possibilité d’ajouter d’autres porte-pinces pour les appareils à tirs multiples supérieurs à 5 pinces.



REF. 1309

The buzzer alerts Catex users before the electric motor starts and the cable begins to
rotate. When the operator presses the start button, the buzzer sounds for 3 seconds,
allowing nearby personnel to move away from moving parts before the pulleys begin to
rotate. Encased in a waterproof housing, it withstands all weather conditions (installation by our electrician).

Phare halogène

Halogene light

REF. 1311

The halogen light, located under the pulley chassis at the station exit, illuminates the
cable. This allows the pyrotechnicians to install the grip, attach their charge, and visually monitor the entire suspension system departing or returning to the station, whether it’s nighttime or during challenging weather conditions.



REF. 0025

Standardized ladders adaptable to all Catex pylons. These ladders can be installed on
any type of pylon and can be retrofitted onto existing devices. A study of each pylon should
be planned in advance.

Panneaux protège poulies

Pulley Guard Panels

RÉF. 0004

Protection panels shield the pulleys and other components of the drive station from
adverse weather conditions. They also prevent any risk of snagging with moving parts.

Escabeau 2 marches

Two-Step stool

REF. 1194

A comfortable two-step stool for attaching the grips to the cable, depending on the
operator’s height.

Porte pinces extérieur

Exterior Grip Rack

REF. 0708

The exterior Grip holder allows for the attachment of up to five grips. The assembly is
simple and quick, and it can be adapted to all types of guardrails on Montaz devices. It is
possible to add a second grip holder next to the first one for Catex systems with more than 5 simultaneous shots.