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Accueil I autopilot


initialisaton des pylones

Initialization of pylons

Choix des points de tirs

Choice of launch points

Positionnement des boules de signalisation

Positioning of signal balls

Calcul des temps de parcours

Calculation of travel times

Thanks to our automaton and touch screen, we offer automatic management of one to twenty loads.

They are simultaneously transported as quickly as possible The initialization of the masts must be carried out when commissioning the device.

The unit of measurement for distance is the number of revolutions of the pulley. This is the basis of the CATEX command. Selection of shooting points: Up to twenty firing points can be selected that are on the same wiring harness.

The automaton then indicates the moment when the different loads must be attached and controls the journey, during which the pylons are passed at low speed.

The automaton also allows assistance in calculating the length of the wick, depending on the combination of shooting points chosen, as well as the display of the selected shooting points on the CATEX plan and a program for managing shooting balls.

signage in order to quickly position them online.