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Accueil I the catex line

The Catex line

Ligne du Catex

Line pylon on a Catex protecting a road

Beyond the departure station, the cable makes a circuit which corresponds to the route defined by the study. The cable is supported and deflected by pylons equipped with pulleys and adjustment systems to achieve the angles required by the route. The cable passes over the shooting zones. It transports the radio-controlled firing “accessories”, which are positioned by the automaton from the departure station.

The pylons are installed in avalanche-free areas. Generally on very solid rocky spurs. The foundations and anchors ensure ideal stability and resistance of the entire construction. (Seecivil engineering foundations).

Tracé du Catex du Linga à Chatel frontière Suisse

The Catex “Linga” line in Châtel, Swiss border and the shooting points for avalanches crossing the ski slope

Catex de Grand Tour

A portion of the Catex protecting the Grand Tour piste at Isola 2000. Note the breaks from the start of the avalanches. The snow has been cleared for the passage of skiers