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Accueil I the departure station

The departure station

La gare de départ du Catex Croix des Verdons à Courchevel

The departure station of the “Croix des Verdons” catex Courchevel

La gare de départ pour 3 Catex aux 2 Alpes

La gare de départ pour 3 catex aux 2 Alpes

A power station is composed of:

  • A control building, with a surface area of 10 to 20 m2, heated for the comfort of operators, and for the ideal operation of the control automation systems. It also allows you to store shooting accessories and a work surface for preparing charges.
  • A power station made up of a metal structure supporting the pyrotechnicians’ walkway with its access staircase, the geared motor assembly and the cable deflection chassis.
stockage des descendeurs

Descender storage

Stockage des TDR

Storage of RDTs 

Les suspentes de tir

Hangers, allowing you to hang shooting accessories on the cable

Plan de travail pour préparation des charges et pilotage des tirs

 Preparation of charges and shots