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The route

Schéma du tracé du Catex des Crozats à la Plagne

Route from Catex from Crozats to La Plagne

Schéma d'un tracé Catex sur le plan d'intervention et de déclenchement d'avalanches

Drawing of a CATEX on Avalanche Intervention and Triggering Plan

The CATEX cable route layout is the basis for the system design.

We call on local stakeholders who know their problem as well as professionals and official organizations and our own experience to draw the route which will stick as close as possible to the zones to be triggered, while installing the pylons in the most sheltered places of the natural risks and keeping in mind to minimize the visual impact of CATEX.

Contrary to what one might believe, the route is not fixed. It is very simple and inexpensive to “move” a pylon, or add an extension to an existing CATEX in order to improve its efficiency.

Indeed, during regular use of the CATEX, we may realize that certain avalanche zones could be better treated by moving the shooting point.

Vue d'ensemble des Catex des Arandelieres

Route of the Catex des Arandelières, Les Arcs

Vue d'ensemble Catex des Tuffes

CATEX des Tuffes – The Plan, Les Arcs